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Tailored to your lifestyle, designed for your
personal and business needs.


We have convenient products and services designed to evolve with your changing needs.


Our comprehensive business services are available to help you run your enterprise smoothly.


No matter how large or small your business may be, we can provide the financial solutions for every banking need to help connect you to a world of opportunities.

Treasury Management

Effective cash management strategies, foreign exchange expertise and imaginative currency hedging solutions reduce your costs on treasury management.

Wealth Management

Our wealth management service includes guidance on property acquisition, wealth protection strategies, and personalised private banking facilities.

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We offer a wide range of accounts to suit lifestyles & needs. Free and paid-for add-ons are available to give total control. Download, Fill & Submit at our Branch.

Who We Are

Rhavinton Private Bank leads the pack when it comes to Banking. Whether you're a skilled or completely new to online banking, our platforms give you the tools needed to take advantage of online banking. With Rhavinton Private Bank it's simple to get started with banking, and it's easy to get the education needed to hone your skills. You'll be able to benefit from one on one support from our specialist team and develop your expertise with our professional banking resources and insights. Get Started with us Today, and experience a swift journey filled with excitement.

  • Internet Banking
  • Loans
  • Funds Transfer
  • Prepaid Card
  • Mcash
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Learn, grow and focus on what matters

World Leading Finance Institution

  • We offer a wide range of accounts to suit lifestyles & needs. Free and paid-for add-ons are available to give total control. Download, Fill & Submit at our Branch.
  • Minimum account size of $5,000
  • Reliable Customer Service
  • We are synonymous with innovation, building excellence, superior financial performance and creating role models for society.
  • Round the Clock Banking
  • Access your personal account information with ease, transfer funds securely whenever you want, wherever you want.
  • Award-Winning Bank

    We boost of different account types designed and tailored to suit your dreams and expectancy

    Savings Account

    Save tomorrow today, with our high interest and low charges savings and investment accounts.

    Current Account

    Much more than cheques and balances; our current account packages provide you with innovative ways to manage your money while offering you the superior banking experience for which we are renowned.

    Off Shore/Joint Account

    Offers you maximum interest payments on your daily account balances and minimum charges on your transactions.

    Fixed Account

    Our Fixed/Tenured Deposits offer the best long-term saving options for you and your business. Simply deposit a specific amount into an investment account at an agreed interest rate and tenure. At the end of the agreed tenure, and based on your instructions, the investment can either be re-invested or returned to you with the interest you have earned.



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